Antique carpet washing Istanbul

Antique carpet washing requires much more care and attention than other carpet models, because antique carpets are more sensitive than other carpets and serious damage can occur if a professional wash is not done. To wash an ancient carpet without damaging its ropes and its knots requires patience and some special equipment. Antique carpet washing We offer service as insured in Istanbul. you can reach our Minister Carpet Washing Company by phone at 0 212 801 80 85/0 553 425 85 77 on antique carpet washing and repair.

Antique carpet washing Istanbul

As the Minister Carpet Washing Plant; although we enjoy a distinct pleasure from all of the services we offer in our product range, whether from our 18 years of experience; we like to wash antique carpets more. Such that; we learned that we are the best carpet washing factory in Istanbul in a short period of time, according to the feedback we received from the Istanbul housewives, who provide carpet washing services with our expert carpet washing masters whom we provide investment and employment. This led to a further increase in our commitment to our work.

We provide carpet washing service in Istanbul European Side. All our branches are insured with antique carpet washing service without compromising customer satisfaction. We are pleased to serve you in all branches of carpet, rugs, blankets, runners, seat blinds and zebra curtain washing. The Minister Carpet Washing Plant antique carpet washing service is available seven days a week.

Expert carpet expertise in antique carpet washing needs is waiting for your future calls. All kinds of antique carpet models, wash and repair us; You can reach us at 0 212 801 80 85/0 553 425 85 77. Antique Carpet Washing Facility Antique Carpet Washing The carpet types we have washed with guarantee service in İstanbul service are as follows:

  • Ladik Carpet
  • Hereke Carpet
  • Nepalese Body
  • Chinese Carpet
  • Fatty Body Carpet
  • Pazırık Halısı
  • Turkmen Carpets and Kilimi
  • The Body Carpet
  • Silk Carpet
  • Pakistani Carpet
  • Iranian Body
  • Yörük Carpet
  • Yoruk Kilimi
  • Hand Woven Carpet
  • Indian Kilimi
  • Indian Carpet
  • Isparta House
  • What is an ancient carpet?

What are the most important features that make rugs or any carpet count as antiques?

In its simplest terms, the antique term is valid for carpets or rugs over at least eighty years old. Accepted carpets and kilims, which are valid as antique carpets in 2018, are carpets manufactured until 1925. Carpets and kilims built between this time and 1950s are considered "semi-antique", while rugs and carpets manufactured between 30 and 50 years are classified as old carpets.

Also in 1925, the year of transformation in manufacturing carpets in Turkey and the world. During this time period, natural organic and vegetable dyes have been left with serious colors, which have not been used in the depths, temperature conditions and any delicacy of the used dyes. It is also the years when twisted yelp changed the hand twisted yarns through the machine used in carpet making.

How are antique carvings preserved and stored?
The hiding of antique carvings is the safeguard that must be paid attention to the preservation, ie protection. The antiquities stored in an environment where no precaution is taken are greatly appreciated by the safety guard. It may be an ideal bait for the antique caravan that is stored in an unsprayed room against the gusts. Owners of antique carpets or rugs often store their carpets in unprotected or light-free environments, often in dry places. Antique carpets should be opened at least every 3 months and ventilated in open conditions for about 24 hours. This will ensure that the moisture and odor that may form in the storage environment is removed.

Minister Carpet Washing Plant Antique Carpet Washing Service Istanbul European Side Anatolian Side Antique Carpet Washing Service Areas:

  • Islands Antique Carpet Washing
  • Arnavutköy Antique Carpet Washing
  • Ataşehir Antique Carpet Washing
  • Avcılar Antique Carpet Washing
  • Bagcilar Antique Carpet Washing
  • Bahçelievler Antique Carpet Washing
  • Bakirkoy Antique Carpet Washing
  • Başakşehir Antique Carpet Washing
  • Bayrampaşa Antique Carpet Washing
  • Besiktas Antique Carpet Washing
  • Beykoz Antique Carpet Washing
  • Beylikdüzü Antique Carpet Washing
  • Beyoğlu Antique Carpet Washing
  • Büyükçekmece Antique Carpet Washing
  • Çatalca Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Cekmekoy Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Esenler Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Esenyurt Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Eyüp Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Fatih Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Gaziosmanpaşa Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Gungoren Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Kadıköy Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Kağıthane Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Kartal Antique Carpet Rug Wash
  • Kucukcekmece Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Maltepe Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Pendik Antique Carpet Washing
  • Sancaktepe Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Sarıyer Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Silivri Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Sultanbeyli Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Sultangazi Antique Carpet Rug Washing
  • Chile Antique Carpet Washing
  • Swish Antique Carpet Washing
  • Tuzla Antique Carpet Rug Wash
  • Ümraniye Antique Rug Carpet Washing
  • Üsküdar Antique Carpet Rug Wash
  • Zeytinburnu Antique Rug Carpet Washing

Things to watch out for when buying antique carpets
The most important consideration when taking an antique carpet is that it can not be produced using hand painted carpets, that is, painted with naturally dyed yarns and thinned dyed synthetic paints. Industrial synthetic paints have begun to be used in about 1860 and many antiqueists do not take into consideration the hand woven fabrics woven using such paints since the colors fade over time and do not have the soft tones and nuances of natural colors.

How to Care for Antique Carpets?
As in every art work, antiquities require a certain amount of attention and attention. In general, antique carvings that are subject to wear and restoration are unacceptable to collectors. If a carpet has been repaired previously or stored in an unsuitable environment, it will lose its value thousands of times if it has a negative effect on the appearance and value of the end. Incorrect chemical washing, excessive sunburst, spotting or size reduction are the most important issues to be aware of, as they are often irreversible and inevitably affect the value of the kilim.

The silk fibers of antique carvings are much more fragile than woolen carpets and as a result are more likely to wear. They are also more susceptible to moisture and nausea, and if wet, breaks and splits can occur. The life of an antique carpet can be prolonged for many years if a washing operation is performed by a proper washing machine according to the genre.

Washing on an ancient carpet is very important as it is in every kind of carpet. As the Minister Carpet Washing Plant, we apply a professional carpet washing process under the supervision of the antique carpet expertise, insured in the washing process of antique carpets. Istanbul antique carpet cleaning service is available everywhere in Turkey as a company. You can reach us at 0 212 801 80 85/0 553 425 85 77, which is related to the washing, maintenance and repair of ancient buildings.


Antique carpet washing Istanbul Istanbul antique carpet cleaning antique carpet cleaning
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